Friday, December 11, 2009

The Original HOG by Steve Berkheimer

The Original HOG layout is owned by Steve Berkheimer and was built by Steve with the help of the North County Interchange Operating Group.

The West Bound is passing the locomotive servicing siding as it rolls by the Peebles switch.

This award winning locomotive was constructed by Bob Wheeler and is a perfect match for the real one.

Lake Blackshear

Bob Wheeler and Stever Berkheimer

Bob putting her back on the rails.

Steve is the engineer, running from the pit.

Lots of traffic in Cordele.

A little switching action.

Davis has a lot of aggregate heading for the highways in south Georgia.

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  1. I was wondering if anyone adapted the HOG to fit as a wall mounted shelf layout. I have a 7.5' x 13' space and am considering placing this trackplan on an 18"-24" shelf along the walls with a duckunder entrance. Since the original layout is 8' x 9', it shouldn't be too difficult to modify it for my space. Any comments?