Saturday, December 12, 2009


The benchwork for the HOG was designed to be simple and to be made with common tools that any homeowner should already have. You do have an arc welder, right? Just kidding.

Here is the cutting diagram. The Original HOG was made from ripped ply wood because things in the South tend to be sensitive to the humidity. However, dimensional lumber works very well. All you have to do is print and follow the instructions above.

Assembly goes VERY quickly. We had most of it done in two work sessions. One thing that we decided to do later was to add angular reinforcements on the wobbly legs. This is the same version of leg in pocket system used on in the Domino design, but it is too wobbly and needs reinforcing.
Using the cutting diagram above, we cut the foam top for the layout.

Once the wood sections are done, we put a 1" layer of extruded foam on top using Liquid Nails for Projects which is foam safe.

Once covered, we can add the scenery!

With the scenery and fascia boards added we are read to roll!

Zeeland farms.

The Norfolk Southern siding in Vidalia.

Lake Blacksheer...which looks exactly like the layout although draw here almost a year before construction.

Cordele and Lake Blackshear

I kicked around building an all foam layout, but the legs were a pain.

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